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Published on September 01, 2021

Call for PhD Applications

The application period starts on June 25th


Admissions in 2021

The Graduate Program in Computer Science (PPGC) of UFRGS makes public that it will receive the documentation of candidates for admissions to the doctorate course in the continuous stream mode between 01-Sep-2021 and 10-Nov-2021.

I.            Vacancies

Up to 30 (thirty) vacancies will be offered, limited to 2 (two) per supervisor.

II.            Application procedures

Applications should be submitted exclusively through the online registration system available on the PPGC website (https://www.inf.ufrgs.br/ppgc/applying or https://www.inf.ufrgs.br/ppgc/applying-en). To apply, you will need to attach, through the registration system, files with scanned copies of the following documents:

  1. postgraduate diploma or attestation that you are completing the post-graduate course;
  2. undergraduate diploma or attestation that you are graduating;
  3. complete postgraduate transcripts, if applicable;
  4. complete undergraduate transcripts;
  5. CNPq Lattes Curriculum Vitae (http://lattes.cnpq.br). Alternatively, you can use the template available in the online registration system;
  6. a 3×4 photograph;
  7. official ID document and CPF (or passport, in case of foreign applicant);
  8. statement of interest of the employer, if applicable; and
  9. work plan.

When completing the online application form, the applicant will be asked to inform the contact of at least two people who will be able to provide letters of recommendation.

At the time of application, the candidate must indicate the name of a professor affiliated with PPGC. The candidate is advised to contact potential advisors in advance to check their availability and the compatibility of research interests. Information on PPGC research lines and about the research topics of the PPGC professors can be found on the website at http://ppgc.inf.ufrgs.br.

A master’s degree is not a prerequisite for joining the doctorate course. If selected, the candidate must prove, at the time of his/her enrollment in the doctorate course, the completion of at least his/her undergraduate course.

Only one application per candidate will be accepted during the validity of this call.

III.            Application assessment

Application assessment will be performed by the Postgraduate Committee of PPGC, which will act as an assessment committee, with full responsibility for preparing the final list of selected applicants and for assessing any appeals.

IV.            Application fees

Foreign applicants residing outside Brazil are exempt from paying the registration fee. Brazilian candidates and foreign candidates residing in Brazil must pay a registration fee of R$ 70.00 (seventy reais). The invoice (GRU) is automatically generated by the system when the candidate submits his/her application. Payments scheduled for after the due date for payment will not be accepted as confirmation of payment of the application fee. Applicants who require a fee waiver should send to the PPGC secretary the specific form, which can be requested by sending an e-mail to ppgc@inf.ufrgs.br, attaching the following documents:

  • statement with justification for the request for exemption;
  • proof of income of the candidate and other family members residing with the candidate attesting to the need for the exemption.

V.            Homologation

The applications will be homologated by the Postgraduate Committee in up to 5 working days after application submission and published in the PPGC website at http://ppgc.inf.ufrgs.br.

VI.            Grades and Classification

The selection and the classification of the candidates will obey the score (from zero to 10) established according to the following table:

Item Score
1)      Analysis of the Lattes Curriculum (or equivalent for foreigners), academic performance and letters of recommendation zero to 4.0
2)      Analysis of the work plan zero to 3.0
3)      Performance in the interview zero to 3.0

The minimum score required for the candidate’s approval is 7.0 points.

The interview will be conducted by a committee consisting of three members of the PPGC faculty and may be held in person at the Institute of Informatics or by videoconference. The interview locations are accessible to people with disabilities. In this interview, the committee will assess the candidate’s maturity and research potential.

VII.            Schedule

Stage Period
Request for exemption from application fee By the 1st day of each month*
Publication of the results for exemption from the application fee By the 5th day of each month*
Application period From September 1st until November 10th, 2021
Deadline for confirmation of payment of the application fee and receipt of letters of recommendation By the 10th of each month *
Publication of homologated applications By the 15th of each month*
Interviews By the 25th day of each month according to scheduling*
Publication of the preliminary result By the 30th of each month*
Deadline for appeals Until 48 hours after publication of the results in the PPGC website (http://ppgc.inf.ufrgs.br)
Publication of the final result Until 10 working days after the submission of appeals
Start of activities After homologation of the admission in a meeting of the Postgraduate Committee of the PPGC.

* or on the first working day after this date.

VIII.           Further Information

Information on PPGC research lines and the research topics of its faculty can be found on PPGC’s website at http://ppgc.inf.ufrgs.br.

IX.            Omissions

The Postgraduate Committee of the PPGC will handle omissions in this call.