Sao Carlos STIL 2009
September 8-11, 2009
São Carlos, Brazil


The 7th Brazilian Symposium in Information and Human Language Technology


The conference registration fee entitles participants to the following:

- access to the main event and all associated workshops
- the proceedings of the main event and of the workshops
- access to the tutorials
- access to the social events, excepting the official dinner.

Attention: for a paper to be included in the proceedings, at least one author of each paper must be registered in the conference. If one author has more than one paper, only one registration is required.

The event official dinner is not included in the registration fee. If you decide to attend it, you can pay for it during the registration.

The tutorial “Fast and Practical Corpus Processing using Standard Tools” may have up to 60 people. The first 60 registered people that indicate interest in the tutorial will be attended. Such limitation is due to space and computer lab requirements.

The registration fees are showed below. Notice that SBC members have reduced fees. The registration system follows the same philosophy adopted in all SBC meetings: Brazilian residents pay their fees in Brazilian currency (Reais) and overseas residents pay their fees in US dollars.

Until 07/31
From 08/01
to 08/20
From 08/21
Professional (SBC member)
Professional (Non SBC member)
300,00 350,00
Student (SBC member) 80,00
Student (Non SBC member)

If you register as a student, you must send a copy of your student ID (scanned/digitalized) to the e-mail of the event organization (

To access the appropriate registration system:

For any queries that you may have, please contact the organization by the e-mail