*VIRTUAL* – 18th-21st October 2021

Co-located with Sibgrapi 2021 e SBGames 2021

SVR 2021 Registration

Registration Fees & Registration System

SVR 2021 is promoted by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC), a non-profit civil association that encourages technological and scientific development in Brazil, and is the largest computing society in South America. Students and professionals who are not members of SBC can optionally join SBC (or renew their membership) during the registration process for SVR.

Attenance of SVR 2021 requires payment of the registration fees listed through the links below. By registering on or before September 13th (13/09) you can guarantee the lowest fees. Registration fees will increase on Sep. 14 and again on Sep. 30. Since SVR 2021 is co-located with SIBGRAPI 2021 and SBGames 2021, multi conference registration combos are also available.

Authors of accepted contributions for publication in the SVR 2021 proceedings and extended proceedings are also required to pay a publication fee. Read details further below.

Please carefully read all information in this page before registering for SVR 2021.

Click here to access the registration system at SBC ECOS

Registration Benefits

Participants registered for SVR 2021 (see registration fees in the links above) will receive a certificate and will also have access to all online platforms for the event. Event live streaming of most sessions will be publicly available without registration or fees. Authors of accepted publications must follow the registration procedure outlined below in the section Registration Policy for Authors.

Registration Policy for Authors

Each accepted paper must be associated with a full paid registration. A full paid registration is a conference registration which includes: (i) payment of the registration fee in one of the registration categories [ie, Professional, Graduate Student, Undergraduate Student] and (ii) payment of a publication fee for the corresponding registration category required by the publication track. It is also possible to associate more than one accepted paper to the registration of a single person by paying the appropriate "Extra Papers" publication fee. Furthermore, presenting authors need to be registered to the conference to be able to access the online platforms.

To validate each paper, the registration and the corresponding publication fee must be paid through the SBC ECOS system (link above). The deadline for payment of the publication fee is Friday September 24th, 2021. If the fee is not paid by this date, the publication will not be validated and consequently will not be presented or published in the SVR proceedings.

We ask that once you complete payment of your conference registration and publication fee, please send an e-mail to svr2021.programchairs@inf.ufrgs.br containing the following information:

  1. The payment voucher for your registration (as an attachment);
  2. The Subject of your e-mail should contain the text "[SVR-paper-registration]".
  3. Full Name of the person registered for the conference;
  4. Paper Title of your paper;
  5. Paper ID of your paper (if available);
  6. Publication Track of your paper (one of: Main Track, C&G Track, Panels, XR Experience, WTD or WUW);
  7. Please send this e-mail to svr2021.programchairs@inf.ufrgs.br as soon as possible after registration and no later than Friday September 24th, 2021.

SVR Publication Fees

R$ 320 SVR - Publication Fee: (Main Track and C&G Track)
R$ 120 SVR - Publication Fee: (WUW and WTD)
R$ 320 SVR - Extra Papers Fee (Main Track and C&G Track)

No-Show and No-Registration Policy

No-show papers are defined as accepted papers submitted by authors who subsequently did not present the paper at the conference. No-registration papers are defined as accepted papers where none of the authors have registered with the proper paid registration + publication fee linked to the paper (each paper must be associated with a different full paid registration or with an extra paper fee – see the Registration Policy for Authors above for details). No-show and no-registration papers will not be included in the program and will be removed from the proceedings.

Important Information for Students & Members of Other Scientific Societies

For the Student registration categories and categories for members of other Scientific Societies, it is mandatory to upload (in the SBC ECOS system) documents that prove the status of the registrant (national student card, course enrollment voucher, membership card, etc.). It is only possible to proceed with payment after SBC has validated the documents/certificates (which takes at least 1 business day). Therefore, we suggest that, in order to prevent any inconvenience, participants should avoid last-minute registration (e.g. in the last day of the registration period).

Important Information on Payment Methods

Payments by bank slip (boleto) and debit (débito) close on October 13th, 2021. Payments by credit card (cartão de crédito), commitment note (nota de empenho) and billing (faturamento) will remain open until the last day of the event.

To request a custom payment receipt, please contact operacional@sbc.org.br and send the following information: "Nome pagador, CPF pagador, Nº/nome projeto (se houver), Nome inscrito, Nome evento, Valor."

If you have other questions about payment methods please contact contasapagar@sbc.org.br .

Cancellation Policy

Until September 18th, 2021, a refund of 80% of the amount paid for registration in SIBGRAPI 2021 can be made. After this date there will be no refund of any amount paid. The policy applies to both the cancellation of registration and the cancellation of any additional activity. To request cancellation, send an e-mail to faturamento@sbc.org.br.

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