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Alberto E. Schaeffer-Filho, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)

Av. Bento Gonçalves, 9500
Prédio 43425 - Sala 236 - Bairro Agronomia
91501-970 - Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil

alberto [at] inf [dot] ufrgs [dot] br

+55 (51) 3308-7750

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Prospective Students

I welcome applications for a position in the academic masters program or for a PhD position from outstanding candidates. Before applying please first check my most recent publications for areas of interest. After that, please email me introducing yourself and provide your academic transcripts and background in research. We can then discuss which topics you would like to investigate.


UFRGS is a public, research-oriented and free university, which means there are no tuition fees either for Brazilian or foreign students. Our computing graduate program (PPGC) may be able to provide you a stipend to cover your living expenses, depending on your qualifications. Each year PPGC allocates a number of scholarships to its MSc and PhD students (2-years and 4-years scholarships, respectively), which are financed mostly by Brazilian funding agencies. The academic year in Brazil starts usually in March.


Candidates for a position in the academic masters program must sit for the POSCOMP entrance exam (CS & Maths, similar to GRE) if they wish to apply for a scholarship (check the dates but the exam is usually offered once a year around August/September). You will also have to submit a separate application to the computing graduate program (PPGC), and indicate a possible supervisor.

Candidates for a PhD position go through a different process. They must submit an application to the computing graduate program (PPGC). Applications can be submitted twice a year (around March and October). Please check the website for specific dates. You will have to prepare a research plan under my supervision. The research plan will be analyzed by a panel, which will also consider previous publications and an interview with the candidate (in person or by videoconference).

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