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3D Hepatectomy: computer assisted liver surgery planning

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Project Summary

Anatomic hepatectomies are liver surgical procedures in which the vessel distribution within the organ is taken into account when deciding the location for resections. This project aims at reconstructing patient specific liver models for the planning of this kind of surgery. In such operations, it is crucial for the surgeon to correctly estimate the volume of the remaining living and functioning tissue. Arbitrary resections could cause stasis or ischemia for parts of the remaining tissue. As these parts cannot function, the patient may not survive due to insuficient functioning tissue. The tools we are developing aid in correctly estimate the volume of the actually functional remaining tissue.

Besides building models, this project also aims at efficiently visualizing data from the models. Our approach focuses on mobile devices, as tablets and smartphones, on which experienced and apprentice surgeons could better visualize the inner body in 3D. We believe this is useful for surgery planning, for more efficient medical training and for doctor-patient communication.



DEBARBA, H. G. ; ZANCHET, D. J. ; FRACARO, D. ; MACIEL, A. ; KALIL, A. N. Efficient Liver Surgery Planning in 3D based on Functional Segment Classification and Volumetric Information. In International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2010. Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2010 Annual International Conference of the IEEE, Aug. 31 2010-Sept. 4, 2010, Buenos Aires. p. 4797-4800.
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GRANDI, J. G. ; MACIEL, A. Interactive Spatially Aware Visualization of Medical Images. In Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery: 24th International Congress and Exhibition, 2010, Genebra. CARS 2010 Proceedings: A suplement of IJCARS. Berlin/Heidelberg : Springer. v. 5. p. S437-S438.
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New: MMVR 2012 poster and paper.

DEBARBA, H. G. ; GRANDI, J. G. ; MACIEL, A. ; ZANCHET, D. J. Anatomic Hepatectomy Planning through Mobile Display Visualization and Interaction. In: Studies in Health Technology and Informatics: Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 19 - parallel, combinatorial, convergent: NextMed by Design. 2012; v: p-p. Westwood, J.D., et al. (eds.). IOS Press, Amsterdam (2012).


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Web resources

Liver planning prototype on Unity3D. Click here.

Image gallery. Here.



(download is free for academic purposes; please cite our works above). Material is copyrighted and some methods have a patent pending.

Description File size (MB)
iPad volume navigator not yet available  
Android volume navigator LivAR.apk 3.5
Image volume for android (place this file on android root folder) body01.raw 22.5
QC marker for the programs above liverVR_tag.pdf 0.16
Windows binaries 29.9 7.2 19.5
Source code (not documented) 43
MS Visual Studio projects 8.3 28.5
Additional libraries for MS Visual Studio 254.2
Known bugs and features known bugs.txt 0.005
Volume CT dataset and triangle mesh examples 4.8



This project is funded by CNPq-Brazil through grants 302679/2009-0, 483814/2010-5 and other scholarships.

It has also the support of Fapergs.


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