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(2012-...) HCHCI - Haptic Communication for Human-computer Interaction
The sense of touch is a rich communication channel between humans when closely located. However, tactile languages must still be developed to offer expressive communication in virtual environments and telecommunication environments. We explore perception and actuation mechanisms to provide methods and patterns to a new generation of haptic interfaces. (more...)



(2013-...) iMIS - Individualized Minimaly Invasive Surgery Simulation
While VR simulators are currently used for training, the use of interactive simulations in surgery planning depends on models that reflect the actual patient condition. In this project we focus on modeling customized shape, appearance and behavior of anatomy and pathology elements. The project has the support of CNPq and Fapergs (more...)


Risk image

(2011-2015) Risk Perception in Virtual Environments
Risk analysis is an important application for virtual environments. Specialists in safety of the work place wish to assess the ability of workers to detect dangers in VE. In this project we investigate how current VR techniques can be adapted to provide a suitable level of presence for users of a risk perception simulator. The project involves the design of alternative interface devices and techniques. A number of user tests are being performed to evaluate new approaches and validade the system. The project is supported by AES Sul and ANEEL with the partnership of (more...)

image (2009-2012) Project 3D Hepatectomy: computer assisted liver surgery planning
In this project we tackled the problem of computer assisted surgery planning. We focused on the anatomic liver surgery (hepatectomia regrada) using patient specific data and the latest mobile computer devices. (more...)




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