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                Click here to run the Unity3D based web tool.

                Marching cubes for image reconstruction: download (soon)

                SmartContour for semi-automatic organ segmentation: download (soon)

                LiverSegments for planing anatomic hepatectomies: download (soon)


                Video: Simulating Minimally Invasive Surgery: create and touch your onw virtual liver


                Video: The Cube of Doom: a Bimanual Perceptual User Experience




        Click here for my Phd thesis software and documentation.




                Um Caminhão à percorrer 3D

                Download here.

                Obs.: Add this to your PATH environment variable: C:\Dev-Cpp\libexec\gcc\mingw32\3.4.2;C:\Dev-Cpp\bin;


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The CGIP group is part of the Department of Applied Informatics.
Last updated in Fev 17th, 2011.