Information for Students

I welcome student applications for a position in the academic master’s program of UFRGS (PPGC) from outstanding candidates. Before applying, please first check my most recent publications for areas of interest. After that, please email me introducing yourself and provide your academic transcripts and background in research. We can then discuss which topics to investigate.


UFRGS is a public, research-oriented, and free university, which means there are no tuition fees for Brazilian or international students. Our computing graduate program (PPGC) may be able to provide you a stipend to cover your living expenses, depending on your qualifications. Each year PPGC allocates a number of scholarships to its M.Sc. and Ph.D. students (2-years and 4-years scholarships, respectively), which are financed mostly by Brazilian funding agencies. The academic year in Brazil usually starts in March.

Application Process

Candidates for a position in the academic master’s program must sit for the POSCOMP entrance exam if they wish to apply for a scholarship (check the dates but the exam is usually offered once a year around August/September). You will also have to submit a separate application to the computing graduate program (PPGC) and indicate a possible supervisor.

Current and Past Students

Master Students

  • Lauro de Souza Silva (2022-now)
  • Francisco Paiva Knebel (2021-now)
  • Maiko de Andrade (2021-now)
  • Alexandre Wermann (2021-now)
  • Guilherme Rotth Zibetti (2020-now)
  • Rafael de Jesus Martins (2019-2022)

Undergraduate Students

  • Eduardo Spitzer Fischer (2022-now)
  • Gabriel Lando (2022-now)
  • Laura Bragante Corssac (2022-2022)
  • Fernando Ferreira Remde (2021-2022)
  • Andreo Dias Barros (2021-2022)
  • Rafael Antônio Ventura Trevisan (2020-now)
  • Francisco Paiva Knebel (2019-2020)
  • Rafael de Jesus Martins (2018)
  • Henrique Cesar Carvalho de Resende (2018)