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Undergraduate Programs

The Institute runs two BSc programs: Computer Science and Computer Engineering (the latter is offered jointly with the School of Engineering). Both programs rank among the best in the country, according to the Brazilian Ministry of Education and independent evaluations. Each year, 100 Computer Science and 60 Computer Engineering students start their BSc degrees.

BSc in Computer Science graduates are qualified to design, develop, implement and manage computer systems, which includes providing solutions for personal computers, computer games, mobile devices, and complex corporate networks.

The BSc in Computer Engineering qualifies professionals to work on areas in which Electronics and Computing are complementary, such as micro-processing systems, embedded electronics, communication networks, industrial automation and microelectronics.

The solid foundation provided by the Institute, complemented by the internship opportunities in collaborating institutions outside the country, offers broad career perspectives to our students and alumni.

The Institute of Informatics is internationally recognized as one of the most important Computer Science and Computer Engineering institutions in Latin America. Its faculty includes academics holding PhDs awarded by 20 different institutions from 8 countries. This diversity has enabled several successful international cooperation agreements. Our academic staff has a strong participation in international forums – journal editorial boards, conference program committees, and scientific societies.