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Undergraduate Programs | Computer Science

Almost everything we use these days involves some type of computer system: chatting with friends on social media, shopping online, enrolling in university, and sending a robot to Mars. All these systems are developed by teams of computer professionals. The Computer Science course trains, since 1983, qualified professionals to plan, design, develop, deploy and manage computing systems in their most varied possibilities: from a mobile app, a video game using virtual reality, secure transmission of information with encryption, or even a control system of a group of collaborative robots.

The student formed by the course is qualified to deal with computational tasks in any branch of knowledge where informatics is used. Throughout the course, students build an excellent theoretical basis in computer science and develop their capacity to learn and adapt to new situations. The course presents a comprehensive view of several areas of computing, encompassing programming, logic, computer architecture and organization, algorithm analysis, computer graphics, image processing, databases, artificial intelligence, computer networks, operating systems, distributed and parallel processing, software engineering, compilers, computing theory, and bioinformatics, among others. It is unnecessary to know computing before entering the course – everything is seen from the beginning – although familiarity with computers helps. This is not just a course of learning how to use systems. You will learn how to build such software.

The current market is broad and in high demand for sound professionals. It encompasses computer industries, software companies, data processing sectors of public and private institutions, research centers, and graduate studies. Several of our graduates work in large technology companies, such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, among others. You can also develop your own company as a technology entrepreneur.