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Research | International Cooperation

Instituto de Informática is recognized as one of the most important Brazilian and Latin American academic centers in Computer Science. This is a result of the qualified education of its professors-researchers, who completed their doctorates in more than two dozen different institutions in different countries, developing intense cooperation ties. This integration with worldwide parties results in strong participation in several international forums, journal editorial committees, international conference committees and programs, boards, councils, and working groups of scientific societies.

Currently, INF maintains a significant number of formal international cooperation agreements with renowned universities in several countries. The solid global recognition of its research and graduate programs allows a large number of doctoral and even master’s students to carry out internships abroad, including in research centers associated with large companies. Several theses and dissertations are conducted in a double degree format, with the participation of co-advisors from universities abroad. In the opposite direction, the Institute has also been welcoming a consistent number of international students to carry out part or all of their education at the undergraduate or graduate level in Computing.