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Research Groups | Telehealth

The purpose of the telehealth group is the benefit of society through integrated projects with hospitals, companies and government, as well as international institutions such as Fraunhofer / IBMT, as well as private institutions.

The main repercussions already obtained and in use by the society are the following:

. System of tele-ultrasonography, allowing medical attention of first opinion to pregnant women located remotely.

. Complete home care remote platform for research in the areas of telemonitoring, AAL (Ambient Assisted Living), Active Aging, health promotion, among others.

. Multimedia operating room system. It allows transmission of surgeries in an interactive way (audio, video and pointer) for preception rooms and events.

. Tele-ophthalmology system used in Telehealth-RS.

. Application for support in the control of obesity “Slim @ Healthy”.


Alecio Pedro Delazari Binotto
Alexandro Bordignon
Cirano Iochpe
Edson Prestes e Silva Júnior
Luiz Alberto De Carli
Luiz Carlos Pandolfo Tizatto
Marcos Dias Ferreira
Maria Lúcia Kroeff Barbosa
Mirandolino Batista Mariano
Sílvio César Cazella
Valter Roesler