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Research Groups | Computer Systems for Petroleum E&P

Multidisciplinary research in Computing and Geoscience for building computer systems to support activities in the petroleum exploration and production chain, especially:

Integrated Geological modeling

Studies in information integration along of the upscaling chain by knowledge and information modeling and the adoption of open standards for exchanging information.

Systems for Petrology and Stratigraphy

Geological knowledge management by capturing and sharing information on reservoir evaluation activities, lithostratigraphic correlation and petrogenetic studies. Legacy data translation to new formats.

Geochemical modeling Inorganic

Numerical modeling for geochemical characterization of sedimentary rocks and the diagenetic evolution of reservoirs.

Computing and Scientific Visualization

Study of interactive computer graphics techniques applied to the information analysis and understanding of geological data.

Monitoring, Control and Automation Wells and Platforms

Integrated architectures and wireless communication systems applied to real-time monitoring and control of sensors and actuators in oil and gas automation plants. Information security and fault tolerance for critical real-time applications.

Robotics for sensing and inspection

System control and sensing for vehicle inspection and correction in production plants and pipelines. Data capturing using robots and drones.


Anderson Maciel
Carla Maria Dal Sasso Freitas
Dante Augusto Couto Barone
Edson Prestes e Silva Júnior
Joao Cesar Netto
Joel Luis Carbonera
Luciana Nedel
Luiz Fernando De Ros
Mara Abel
Renata Galante
Sérgio Luis Cechin
Taisy Silva Weber