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Graduate Programs

The Graduate Program in Computing (PPGC) is home of various research groups. The program has 43 faculty members and over 250 MSc and PhD students. PPGC prioritizes full-time students. All full-time students receive studentships from the Brazilian funding agencies. Since 1973, PPGC has awarded over 1,100 MSc and 150 PhD degrees. Currently, it is one of the five Brazilian graduate programs rated as world-class by the Brazilian Ministry of Education.

The professors and the students regularly participate in the main international events in their fields. Some professors from the Institute of Informatics also take part on the Graduate Program in Microelectronics (PGMicro). As a result of this cooperation, in 2008 the first training center for the design of integrated circuits (VLSI) in Brazil was launched under the auspices of the Institute. Faculty members also participate in the Graduate Program in Informatics & Education. This program fosters research on the development of modern educational methods and is a center of reference in distance learning.