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Research Groups | Integrated Circuits and Systems Design

The Microelectronics Design Laboratory and Research Group at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul is part of the joint activities of the Informatics Institute (INF) and the Electrical Engineering (EE) Department at UFRGS. It was established in 1980 and later moved to the Campus do Vale in 1992 at the INF-UFRGS.
The first integrated circuit designs were initiated in 1980 at UFRGS as part of the Master´s thesis at the Microelectronics Group of the Graduate Program in Computer Science. In 1981 the first Ph.D. level researchers and faculty members returned from Ph.D. studies in INPG at Grenoble. The GME – Microelectronics group at UFRGS was then founded, and later registered in the DGP/CNPq since the beginning of the DIrectory. The group counts a total of more than 35 Ph.D. students and has currently 14 faculty members, associated with 3 Graduate Programs (PPGC, PGMICRO, PPGEE) and the two schools.

The IC Design Group develops nano-circuits using the most advanced methodologies for hardware design. It is equipped with a full suite of CAD tools for IC and systems design. The GME professors and students are developing research in many areas related to microelectronics, such as: Analog IC Design, Design of RF CMOS circuits, Digital System Design, Design Methodologies, VLSI Architectures, and Dedicated Architectures, SoC – Systems on a Chip, NoC – Networks on Chip, MEMs, DSP Systems, FPGA Design Methodologies, Fault Tolerant Circuits, Circuits Tolerant to Radiation Effects, Test, Mixed Signal Design, Logic Synthesis, Physical Design and CAD Tools.


Altamiro A. Susin
André Inácio Reis
Eric Ericson Fabris
Fernanda Lima Kastensmidt
Gilson I. Wirth
Hamilton D. Klimach
José R. F. Azambuja
Marcelo Johann
Marcelo S. Lubaszewski
Raphel Brum
Renato Perez Ribas
Ricardo A. L. Reis
Sergio Bampi
Tiago Roberto Balen