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Research Groups | Artificial Intelligence

The objective of the Group of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the development of theoretical and applied research on methods and techniques for AI used in several parts of this broad area.

Research results are used in the development of systems aimed at the following application areas: education, petroleum industry, medicine, Internet, traffic, bioinformatics, natural language processing, simulation of complex environments and social simulation, image processing, data mining; corporate memories; systems to support decision-making; fraud detection; speech recognition, computer education; intelligent games and robotics.


Aline Villavicencio
Álvaro Freitas Moreira
Ana Lucia Cetertich Bazzan
André Grahl Pereira
Bruno Castro da Silva
Claudio Fernando Resin Geyer
Dante Augusto Couto Barone
Edson Prestes
Ingrid Oliveira de Nunes
Joel Luís Carbonera
Luís da Cunha Lamb
Mara Abel
Mariana Luderitz Kolberg
Mariana Recamonde Mendoza
Rosa Maria Vicari