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Publicado em: 02/03/2016

INF’s Professors organize IWLS 2016

INF’s Professors organize IWLS 2016

The 25th International Workshop on Logic & Synthesis, to be held in June this year at the Thompson Conference Center – Austin – TX is being organized by a number of INF’s members. Professor André Reis is the Program Committee Chair and member of the Steering Committee, the doctoral student Jody Matos (PPGC-UFRGS) is the Publicity Chair, Professor Renato Ribas is part of the program committee, together with Prof. Leomar Rose Jr. (UFPel), a former MSc student at PPGC and current PhD candidate at PGMICRO – UFRGS.

It is the twenty-fifth edition of the most important workshop area of logic synthesis. The workshop has historical significance, being the top venue for the most relevant papers and researchers in logic synthesis.

For the organizers, it is not an overstatement to say that algorithms, tools and methods presented in this workshop were used directly or indirectly to design all digital circuits to which we have access today.

The issue of IWLS last year (2015) was held at the Museum of the history of computing in Mountain View, California. The general chair was Professor Andre Reis, who at the time received an award in Recognition of Services from the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) for the successful organization of the event.

More information about the event and deadlines for paper submission can be found at http://www.iwls.org/iwls2016