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Publicado em: 06/09/2016

Tenure-Track for Associate Professor in Computing

Faculty Positions at the Institute of Informatics, UFRGS, Brazil

The Institute of Informatics invites applications for tenure-track full-time faculty positions at Associate Professor level (“Professor Adjunto”). A PhD in Computer Science or a related area is required. All applicants must either hold great promise for or have a significant track record of research, as well as teaching excellence. The selection process involves oral and written exams which can be taken in either English or Portuguese.

There are two positions available for the area of Fundamentals of Computer Science (covering Algorithms, Programming Languages, and Software Engineering).

The closing date for applications is the 3rd of October 2016.

The initial (gross) monthly salary is 9,114 BRL.

Further information about these roles can be obtained by contacting the Head of the Applied Informatics Department, Professor Renata Galante,email:.

Details of the selection process can be found in the link below (in Portuguese): http://www.ufrgs.br/progesp/progesp-1/concursos-publicos/magisterio-superior/concuros/2016/edital-14-2016

About the Institute of Informatics:
The Institute of Informatics is one of the largest CS departments in Brazil. It covers a wide range of research areas and it is the birthplace of the IT industry in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The Institute offers two undergraduate degrees (Computer Science and Computer Engineering), which both rank consistently among the best in the country, according to the Brazilian Ministry of Education and independent media and market surveys. The Postgraduate Program in Computing offers MSc and PhD degrees and was awarded the highest grade by the Ministry of Education, being ranked among the top 5 programs in Brazil.

About UFRGS:
UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul) is the largest public university in the south of Brazil. UFRGS was ranked as the best university in Brazil in an assessment made by the Ministry of Education. It has approximately 2,6K faculty members, 28K undergraduate students and 17K postgraduate students.

About Porto Alegre:
Porto Alegre is the one of largest cities in the country, and the capital city of Rio Grande do Sul, the southern region of Brazil. Porto Alegre is a modern city of 1.5 million people and one of the most important cultural, political, and economic centers of the country.