Visiting Brazil - Accomodation & Tourism
In order to assist you with your travel plans, the organization has arranged to have crEActe.eve as the official travel agency for the Event. They are available to help to make your trip and your time in Brazil as enjoyable and economical as possible. They have made reservations at Itaipava-Petrópolis at Centro General Ernani Ayrosa, site of the event and other alternative lodging nearby. The are also in charge of transportation Rio de Janeiro / Itaipava / Rio de Janeiro. If you wish to extend your stay in Rio de Janeiro or other cities in Brazil, crEAct.eve has arranged tourist packages for either before or after the Event. In order to get more information please visit the website:

For general information about traveling and tourism in Brazil please check

For specific information about Petropolis, please check

Please be advised that depending upon your country
of citizenship it might be required a visa to enter Brazil.

Check the following page for information on
visa requirements when traveling to Brazil

Last update on January 30th, 2007.