Results of Popular Jury Selection
Best International Artistic Video
George Grows ("Georg waechst")
Martin Schmidt
Best International Scientific Video
Haute Couture in Equations
MiraLAB - Nadia Thalmann
Best Brazilian Artistic Video
Clay Girls
IMPA - Luiz Velho
Best Brazilian Scientific Video
Clay Girls
IMPA - Luiz Velho

CGI'2007 Video Festival

CGI'2007 will sponsor a by-invitation Video Festival with the leading graphics researchers, research institutions, and artists around the globe. The idea is to bring together technical innovation and creativity in the form of short computer animated videos illustrating achievements, interesting applications of computer graphics techniques and CG artistic short videos. The Festival will be a unique forum for sharing your experience with an international audience of graphics researchers, students, professionals and enthusiasts. The CGI 2007 Video Festival Award will be presented to the best video nominated by the popular jury.

Video Show
International Videos Brazilian Videos

Title: Toy Shop
Institution: ATI / AMD
Credits: Natalya Tatarchuk

Title: Sucking Loop ("Nuckeln Loop")
Credits: Martin Schmidt

Title: George grows ("Georg waechst")
Credits: Martin Schmidt

Title: Magic Fluid Control
Institution: ETH (Zürich) and Friedrich-Alexander-Universität (Nürnberg)
Credits: N. Thürey, R. Keiser, M. Pauly, U. Rüde

Title: Elephants Dream
Credits: Orange Open Movie Team
Produced by Ton Roosendaal

Title: Annelida
Credits: Joe Takayama (Programming and Animation)

Title: Cahrisma (realtime)
Institution: MIRALAB - University of Geneva
Credits: Nadia Thalmann (MIRALAB - Director)

Title: Haute Couture in equations
Institution: MIRALAB - University of Geneva
Credits: Nadia Thalmann (MIRALAB - Director)
Pascal Volino (Software Development)
Christiane Luible, Anouk Porot, Mathilde Tourrenc (Cloth Designers)
Nedjma Cadi, Marlene Arevalo (Character Animation)
Yacine Benmansour (Video Montage)
Ignasi Giro (Music)

Title: Clay Girls
Institution: Visgraf Lab - IMPA
Credits: Luiz Velho (Direction)
Ana Fucs (Animation)
Paulo Steinberg (Music)

Title: Virtual Reality
Credits: Coordinator LAMCE - Luiz Landau
Coordinator GRVA - Gerson Cunha

Title: CG at UFPE
Institution: UFPE
Credits: 3D Sertão: André Marques, Antunes Neto, Cleano Cavalcante,  João Paulo, Luiz José Barbosa, Giulia Cavalcanti
Lilo: Tiago Rafael Sales, Matheus Maciel, Fábio Cabral
Music: Rodrigo Lemos
Edition: Nilton Cavalcanti
Special Thanks to: Sílvio Melo, Geber Ramalho, Manoel Guedes, Marcelo Walter

Title: Computer Graphics Group at UFRGS
Institution: UFRGS
Credits: Computer Graphics Group (Professors):
Carla Maria Dal Sasso Freitas
Jacob Scharcanski
João Luiz Dihl Comba
Luciana Porcher Nedel
Manuel Menezes de Oliveira Neto

Title: Global Security
Institution: Unisinos / PUC-RS / RBV
Credits: Soraia R. Musse (Direction) - Cromos Lab
Research, Programming and Animation Team:
Luiz Gonzaga da Silveira Jr.
André Tavares da Silva
Julio Jacques Jr.
John Soldera
Thiago Kell
Marcelo Borba
Cláudio Jung

Title: Abertura da Novela Paixões Proibidas
(CG Remake of historical landscapes and portraits)
Institution: PUC-Rio - VisionLab - RBV / BAND TV - NBP
Credits: Bruno Feijó and Paulo Badaró (Direction)
Research and Development:
Pablo Bioni
André Campos
Felipe Lobo
Bruno Feijó
Paulo Badaró

Video Festival Organization

Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann

UNIGE, Switzerland

Fernando Osório


Manuel M. Oliveira

UFRGS, Brazil

Last update on June 4th, 2007