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Lista de Disciplinas | CMP158

Real Time Systems

Professor: Edison Pignaton de Freitas
Prerequisites: –
Hours: 60 hs
Credits: 4
Semesters: First semester
Undergraduate Enrollment: The enrollment must be made as Special Student
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The course presents the basic concepts of real time systems and their applications.
Besides the explanatory classes, the course will be composed of seminars and the development of a project by the students, which have to be reported as a scientific paper for the final evaluation.


– Differences between real time and non-real time systems
– Real time operating systems
– Real time applications
– Software engineering for real time systems
– Real time programming
– Real time scheduling
– Advances topics involving real time systems


– Real Time Systems
Basic concepts, main characteristics and related topics
– Real Time Systems Software Architecture
Structure, organization and abstract models
– Real Time Systems Scheduling
Rate monotonic, Early Deadline First, Priority Inversion Problem and Solutions
– Real Time Systems Software Engineering
Requirements Analysis and Specification, Design, Declarative Specification
Linear Time Logics – Real Time Logics, State Machine, UML for RTS
– Real Time Programming
Concurrency, Communication, High level languages (PEARL, ADA95, RT-C++, RT-Java)
– Timing Analysis and Predictability
– Clocks, Time Server, Clock Synchronization
– Real Time Operating Systems
– Topics on Wireless Sensor Networks and Fault Tolerance


– Seminars presented by the students during the course about the progress of the project;
– Final paper reporting the project, written in English and according to the scientific methodology presented by the professor.


– A.S. TANEMBAUM, M. Steen. Distributed Systems: Principles and Paradigms. Pearson (2nd Edition).
– A. C. Shaw. Real Time Systems and Software, John Wiley & Sons, 2001.
– Scientific papers from conference proceedings and journals to be defined and informed to the students by the professor during the course.