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Lista de Disciplinas | CMP182

Computer Networks

Professor: Luciano Paschoal Gaspary
Prerequisites: –
Hours: 60 h
Credits: 4
First semester
Undergraduate Enrollment: The enrollment must be made as Special Student


Overview of computer networks and the Internet. Application layer. Transport layer. Network layer. Link layer and Local Area Networks. Wireless and mobile networks.

Presenting  fundamental  concepts, techniques  and  protocols – from  the  application  layer down  to  the  link  layer – on  top  of  which  modern  computer  networks,  and  particularly  the Internet, work. Emphasis will be given to more advanced topics, which are only partially (or not) covered by CS undergraduate-level courses.

Link layer
•  Link-layer services and technologies

  • Link virtualization: MPLS, traffic engineering and virtual private networks
  • Wireless and mobile networks

Network layer

  • IPv6 and transition efforts from IPv4 to IPv6
  • Routing in the Internet: Inter-AS routing and routing architectures
  • Future Internet, Software-Defined Networks, and Network Function Virtualization
  • Quality of Service

Transport layer

  • Connection-Oriented Transport: TCP
  • Principles of congestion control
  • TCP congestion control and its “flavors”

Application layer

  • HTTP 2.0
  • Multimedia networking, including VoIP, streaming and interactive applications
  • Peer-to-Peer applications

Evaluation will be based on the following criteria: attendance and participation in discussions (10%), homework assignments (10%), an individual student project (40%), and a final exam (40%). The conversion of the weighted average to grades will be as follows:

  • 9.0 <= average <= 10 -> A
  • 7.5 <= average < 9.0 -> B
  • 6.0 <= average < 7.5 -> C
  • average < 6.0 -> D

Note: FF will be assigned to students with class attendance less than 75%.


  • Kurose, James  F.;  Ross,  Keith  W.  Computer  Networking: A Top-Down Approach.

7th. Ed. Pearson, 864pp., 2016.

  • High impact papers selected from recognized journals and events.